Life at the Hilltop

Settled in the grounds of the old Hilltop Drive-In, the Residence at Hilltop is full of great memories of the past, and exciting life in the present. Since it's opening in 1997, we have welcomed so many residents and families into our facility, that our Family Tree is more like a Forest! At the Hilltop, we provide many services and amenities for those who live an Active and Engaging Lifestyle as well as for those who want to "Kick back and relax" with a cup of coffee.

Life at Residence at HilltopWe offer a range of different activities, social and recreational programs for you or your loved one to enjoy. We have plenty of community areas that are specifically designed for everyone when they want to be out of their rooms that offer a different "view and feel" in each space. We have an aviary that provides a relaxing atmosphere, a pub room that is just like "your living room at home" and a Theater that provides the luxury of a movie theatre without leaving the comforts of the building!

One of our favorite places is the dining room, not just for the homemade food, but for the elegant and inviting setting it provides. The panoramic view creates a relaxing atmosphere and if you watch closely, you can see a wide variety of birds and wild life just outside the dining room! It is here that our residents build friendships, reminisce and tell stories with their tablemates and enjoy the company of the peers! An added bonus is that they won't have to worry who is cooking the next meal!

The resident suites are created to provide independence, comfort and privacy. Each suite has all the amenities you need, while still being able to make it your own. We encourage you to decorate your suite according to your style, while we provide all the rest. Each suite has a full bathroom and walk-in shower, fresh towels delivered daily, house-keeping services and the ability to hook up a phone and television.

We strive to provide each resident with the comfort and care that they need all while allowing them to be independent. They are free to themselves all while being in safe environment. We provide each resident with a wireless-GPS located call bell which allows them to move about the building freely and ensures them that the staff know will know where they are when they press their button.

Round the clock Nurses, Resident Care Aides and other staff members are always ready to lend a hand and help in anyway. Every resident becomes family to us, so we make sure to provide the best care possible.

When you are here, you are at home at the Residence at Hilltop! Schedule a tour.

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